Young advocates on the frontline of Legal aid Provision

Vibrant advocates are key change-makers who are purposefully driven to build a just society around them and a community that not only upholds but also are well conversant with the law.

This was evident at the One-Stop Jawabu forum where young advocates were present to offer free legal education and needed services upfront for 2 weeks to the residents of Temeke district.

One-stop Jawabu is an initiative that was designed and organized by the Temeke district commissioner’s and Temeke Municipal Director that gathered key development stakeholders, public organizations, and government institutions with the sole purpose of providing immediate solutions to various challenges facing Temeke residents. One-Stop Jawabu commenced on the 14th of September 2020 at Zakheem grounds, Mbagala, and ended on the 28th of September 2020 at Mwembe-Yanga grounds. The Tanganyika Law Society participated in the event by providing legal aid to all citizens who required legal assistance.

Hon. Godwin Gondwe, Temeke district Commissioner urged the residents to visit the grounds and seek solutions to the challenges they face in specific areas. 

The initiative gathered over 30 private and government institutions who offered services to the public not leaving out The Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) through its’ Dar Es Salaam Chapter that presented 210 advocates to provide legal aid services at the event. Since legal matters are cross-cutting issues, other institutions at One-stop Jawabu redirected more than 9,100 people to the TLS booth who required legal aid services and education. A majority of people that visited our booth were helped in drafting documents and notarization necessary to receive or accomplish other services such as obtaining birth certificates from RITA and National Identity cards from NIDA. Similarly, advocates covered issues on land ownership disputes, probate, contracts,  and marriage disputes. About 78 cases were referred to as TLS HQ for further assistance.

Citizens awaiting services at Mwembe-Yanga grounds, TLS Booth.

From left, Adv. Geoffrey Luyanji and Adv.David Mathias Kahyolo providing legal assistance


Adv.Thomas Bundu Mahushi offering legal service

Adv.Francis Munuo attending a client

Young advocates listening to a client


Temeke District Commissioner, Hon.Godwin Gondwe in a joyful moment with TLS members-Dar es Salaam chapter.


Emmanuel Muuga Tanganyika Law Society Dar es Salaam Chapter president receives appreciation and recognition certificate after engineering the success of TLS participation at One-Stop Jawabu

The Certificate of appreciation was awarded to the TLS Dar Es Salaam Chapter by Dar Es Salaam Regional  Commissioner Hon.Abubakar Kunenge  in recognition of  TLS role during the One-stop jawabu event.

“The activities are faring well, they assist us to run our activities effectively to achieve our goals” Salima Hamisi from Tua Ngoma, Mbagala.

We appreciate Hon. Godwin Gondwe and his team for their efforts in organizing the event which helped citizens to find real solutions to their challenges and we recommend that a similar initiative be held in other districts as well.

In conclusion, the young advocates played a crucial role in implementing the initiative objectives by facilitating the provision of accurate and reliable legal education to the public which enlightened them on basic legal knowledge. The One-stop jawabu event was a reliable avenue and a real solution just as its coined name.

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