Helping One Person at a Time

Tanganyika Law Society(TLS) has a long history of legal aid provision since its inception in 1954. our goals are; promoting professional excellence for efficient legal service delivery to ensure access to justice and rule of law is spec they don’t downplay regardless.


Mark you, no man is an island. We all derive purpose and meaning from depending on one another for the betterment of each one of us, so is the Tanganyika Law Society which derives its professionalism and fulfillment from aid provision activities in collaboration with legal aid key stakeholders to people who require legal aid service.

Legal aid services are provided at TLSs’ headquarters in Dar Es Salaam and from its 14 chapters countrywide.

In the implementation of The Legal Aid Act of 2017, the TLS is collaborating with several justice sector actors such as Judiciary, police, advocates, judges, and paralegals through the establishment of The Justice Sector Collaboration Strengthening (JSCS) project which is funded by Legal Service Facility (LSF).

TLS and the LSF both have a long history of advocating for law reforms and the rule of law to enhance the stable relationship between all stakeholders of the justice sector for human development in a country.

From February 2020 to the present, we have provided legal aid to more than 20,000 people in need of legal assistance where 32% of them required assistance on land disputes, 15% on labor issues, and 13 % on Matrimonial issues. These challenges are among the top 3 legal problems that the majority of citizens inquire about and are in dire need of legal assistance.


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