Legal aid services are provided at TLS’s headquarters in Dar Es Salaam and from all its chapters countrywide. Make an appointment
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Vibrant advocates are key changemakers who are purposefully driven to build a just society around them and a community that not only upholds but also are well conversant with the law view our reports
We provided legal aid, knowledge, and guidance to the need but with precaution, at that period. Make an appointment
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Journals on the legal landscape in Tanzania.

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Access to Justice Department

Gloria Baltazari,Labour laws

Gloria has over 10 years of experience in legal aid projects .At TLS she is leading a legal aid unit.

Head of Legal Aid

Jacquiline Mwingwa,Land laws

Jacquiline as an officer-in-charge of access justice is managing day to day legal aid activities at TLS headquarters.

Legal Aid Provider

Our 2020 Statistics

From February 2020 to the present, we have provided legal aid to more than 700,000 people in need of legal assistance where 32% of them required assistance on land disputes, 15% on labor issues, and 13 % on Matrimonial issues. These challenges are among the top 3 legal problems that the majority of citizens inquire about and are in dire need of legal assistance.

Upcoming Legal Aid Events

Legal aid week 2021

Legal aid week 2021

Mar 1, 2021

Welcome to the Legal aid week 2021

Sabasaba 2021

Sabasaba 2021

Jul 1, 2021

TLS will participate in the SABASABA exhibition, the aim is to provide legal...

Nanenane 2021

Nanenane 2021

Aug 1, 2021

Welcome to the TLS pavilion at the nanenane exhibition

About US

To promote professional excellence for efficient legal service delivery to ensure access to justice and rule of law.

To become an independent bar association for a just society

To create a conducive environment for the legal fraternity, facilitate the acqisition of legal knowledge, represent, promote and protect Members; to support the State Organs in legislation and administration of rule of law; and assist the Public to access justice in sustainable professional standards.


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